Nostalgia and the Present Moment

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Hi. So my name is Diane Elizabeth. And this is the very first of what I plan as a series of videos and podcasts that I’ll use for both purposes. And So my goal, and what I’m doing is working on creating content that really is aimed at helping people fall in love with life. And it’s focused on really the three aspects, I think that create a beautiful and wonderful life. And that is mind, body, and spirit. And in some cases, I may focus on one aspect or combination of the all of the above. And just generating content around that.

Additionally, I’m working on writing a book and I believe the title of that book is going to be Replace Old Habits with Inspiration. It’s going to take some time, I work full time, very, very demanding job, and also a mom. So I’m doing all of this in my free time over the lunch hour and the mornings before work. But it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about. And I hope to continue to grow this and really create something that I love. So that’s who I am. And this is my very first video/podcast. And so I’m very excited about that.

And the thing I wanted to just do a quick video today about is an idea that I’ve been really thinking about a lot lately, which is the idea of nostalgia, and living in the present moment. And really being aware and present in life.

And So what prompted that is, we have an old truck. And I had to drive at home one day after work because my husband needed the car. And so we typically won’t drive the truck that far, because it’s an old truck. And you know, want to go on the freeway, the freeways around here are very, very, very fast and crazy. So I’m driving the old truck home. And you know, the air conditioner works, but it’s not as good as most vehicles and I’m in the south. So It’s 100 degrees outside and humid. But I’m listening to old classic rock, the old truck doesn’t have Bluetooth, it has a CD player, but I don’t have CDs anymore.

So I’ve got the radio going and listening to, I don’t even know what it was, just some old classic rock and I was loving it. And just really enjoying that moment. And it just felt very familiar to me. And so I started to think about nostalgia and how you know, what is what am i remembering, that’s creating this happy feeling that I’m experiencing just driving this old truck. And, you know, I grew up in Colorado. And you know, when I was a kid, we used to get an old truck, and we’d either go camping, or go down to the river and be out in the mountains just playing and you know, it’s dirty, it’s dusty, listening to old music. And that’s, that’s the memory that it conjured up for me, and I really enjoyed it.

And so I started thinking about nostalgia, because it’s pretty powerful when it hits you. I mean, you really notice what you’re experiencing, and it’s a good feeling. And so you know, as an adult, we are very much, or at least I have been, I think a lot of people can relate to this very much wrapped up in, you know, your social environment, you’re familiar, your family environment, your work environment, and, you know, really trying to do the best you can and, you know, pay the bills be successful, make everybody happy. And it’s a lot to own.

And So, as a kid, if you watch children, What are they worried about there? They’re just having fun. They’re just living and in this present moment, and so what happens? Why is it that as a child, you’re able to really live in this present moment versus as an adult, you start to really carry this burden. Yes, you have responsibilities is very true thing.

However, I think there’s more to it. I believe that ego plays a huge role in this and ego starts to develop, you know, in the, in the late Child years, early teenage years, were really starts to take hold, and later teenage years and as an adult. And What is the ego doing there’s many things, factors of ego that are, I would say, have a negative impact on us. But one of those is that ego doesn’t really live in this present moment.

Ego tends to have you focusing on the past, or the future. And so children who are living in the present moment are not dominated by that ego thinking. And, you know, the challenge that I want to put out to people, I hope the wind isn’t destroying my audio. But the challenge that I want to put out there is let’s, let’s try that Let’s take every day and live it from the perspective of a child and pull that ego away.

And Why not today as an adult, find a way of approaching your day to day in a way that’s going to create more nostalgic memories in the future. So as you’re sitting in your office, or you’re sitting in your home, or you’re cooking dinner, You know, what are those smells? What are those sounds? What are those people and those things that you can create as new memories and view it from the eyes of a child…

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