Attention Control Freaks, There’s a Better Way

Attention Control Freaks, There’s a Better Way 1024 576 dianeelizabeth

I have always been a control freak, I’m working on improving this. Over the last few years, I’ve gone through a lot of learning and exploration as it relates to spirituality and life in general. I’m in the process of learning how to let go. Being a control freak is a big burden; it makes the world a difficult place. You’re always pushing the ball uphill, rather than allowing life to happen as it naturally does.

In this video, I discuss a technique for retraining your brain to focus on the emotions you desire rather than the specific outcome. This new focus will give you freedom and will help you see amazing things you would have otherwise missed if you’re busy trying to control everything.

NOTE – the Magic Journal idea came from Joe Vitale in his Beyond Manifestation lecture

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