Ego is Not the Enemy

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Do you know how much control your ego has over your life? I was clueless.

There are six things ego tells you (all false) – I learned this from Dr. Wayne Dyer:

– I am what I have

– I am what I do

– I am what people think of me

– I am separate from everyone

– I am separate from what’s missing in my life

– I am separate from God

Ego is like a loud, paranoid room mate who causes a lot of stressful anxious and negative thoughts.

Ego is your false self. Once you know how to identify when ego is in control, you can shift your awareness to your higher self.

I have a fun challenge in this video – if you give it a try, you will learn so much about yourself and others. The challenge is not something you would naturally want to do, it is definitely uncomfortable, but it is really powerful!

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