Eliminate Funk With The 5 Whys

Eliminate Funk With The 5 Whys 1024 576 dianeelizabeth

We’ve all experienced funk at some point in our life. Funk comes in many forms – such as a lack of motivation, stress, irritability, obsession, sadness, or even grief.

When you notice you are ‘in a funk’ stop and notice your physical body. If your breathing is shallow and your body is tense, you will know that you need to get re-centered. Noticing the funk you’re in is the most important step.

Step 2 is uncovering the why behind your funk. All of life’s challenges are designed to teach us something or refocus us. If you take the time to understand the why behind your funk, you will begin to move to a higher place.

I have created a worksheet that helps you uncover the why for your funk. It is a process called the 5 whys. I ask you a set of questions to help you step out of the depths of your current situation and observe it from a loving and compassionate position.


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